Community Meeting Plan Going Forward + Seed Saving Class #communitymeeting


Hi folks,
Jo and Sandjar had a good conversation a couple of weeks ago during the Thursday meeting and since the attendance has been a bit low we decided to do the Seed Libraries meetings on the first and third Thursdays of the month starting in June. The first meeting would be just a conversation and the second meeting (third Thursday) could be either a focused conversation or class. I am teaching a second section of the Seed Saving in a Time fo Crisis class and decided to just make it the June 18th meeting since we weren't able to meet as a group to make a decision and at this point, being as maxed out as I am it would be most helpful for me to have this community (San Francisco Bay Area class) combined with opening it to the seed library community. This has a link where folks need to register
Hopefully, the first meeting in June we can have more of a conversation about how to move forward together. Also, Sandjar is helping to get the word out by posting on Up Beets for the June meetings. The idea is to shift that every month or every other month. This will help make sure that the system is more resilient and as we all know, many hands make for light work.

Sandjar posting on behalf of Rebecca

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