Seed Donations this year #COVID-19

Rebecca Newburn

Dear Seedfolks,

Many seed libraries rely on seed donations from seed companies. Being that there has been a rush on seeds and that trend is likely to continue for the next few years, seed libraries who have relied on donations from seed companies may want to think now about how to start getting community members to start saving seeds for themselves and for the benefit of others.  

I created these Grow Out program resources a few years ago and they might help you get started. Since I haven't looked at the resources for a while some extra eyeballs are needed to see if things need updated. However, it might give you some ideas about what you can do. Feel free to respond to this post with feedback.

Another thing that would be great is if we start talking about the One Million Seed Savers Campaign and get people signing up and committing to saving seeds. Thanks, Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance!

Here is a video from one of my former 6th grade science students for the launching of the One Million Seed Savers Campaign. Check out this student now! 

Richmond Grows

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