Collection Development? #GettingSeeds #SeedQuality #IncreasingReturns


Hello my fellow friends in seed!
Here in Pima County (Arizona) we're about to embark on a re-imagining of our Seed Library's collection development "protocols." Up until now, we've relied on donations from seed companies, local seed savers, and the odd purchase or two to fill our seed drawers. The only real criteria has been that they are OP, and if they're from locally saved seeds we ask questions that help us know if the person used precautions to prevent cross-pollination, and we don't accept things that are considered invasive to our area. Otherwise, we've accepted just about anything anyone gives us which has enabled us to make hundreds of different varieties available to gardeners to grow from--talk about celebrating the incredible diversity of our natural world! As we reflect on these past 8 years of community seed stewardship, particularly the goal of creating a regional self-sustained seed shed in Pima County we have begun consider how our collection choices might serve our community better in that regard. As we move forward with refocusing our collection (potentially minimizing and regionalizing it in the process), I wondered if other Seed Libraries had any wisdom/experiences/challenges they might share about their own process of collection development? 
I'm still trying to figure out how this works, so hopefully this is going out to folks!

In seed solidarity, 


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