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Do you have a list of plants/seeds collected in Maryland? I am working to source local seeds.

BTW, with any luck, I should have a bumper crop of A. syriaca (common milkweed) seeds this fall.

On Jul 29 2020 12:47 PM, Rebecca Newburn wrote:
We are putting out calls on NextDoor and to other groups asking
people to grow out seeds for next year. We're asking if people are
already growing things that they can let go to seed as well as if they
are willing to volunteer to grow out things to seed where we provide
the seed. We have a planting times guide (that a propagator for a
local nursery helped us fill in) and I added some columns (in yellow)
about when to plant for seed saving, when to expect a harvest, and
comments. These dates are specific to the San Francisco Bay Area in
California and will not necessarily be your dates. So see if you can
find some experienced seed savers in your area to help you fill in the
dates. Big shout out to Steve Peters ( ) of Organic
Seed Alliance and Seed Revolution Now who is based in our area for
giving us this information! Once again, you'll need to find people in
your bioregion that can give you your dates.

If you are interested in creating a Grow a Row Seed Steward Program,
then you can look at our and make copies of the document instead of
starting from scratch. I recommend you find other seed libraries by
you and do the work collectively at least for the Seed Saving Planting
Times Guide. The Grow a Row Seed Steward program may be more locally

* Seed Saving Planting Times Guide ( ) (Google Spreadsheet)
* Fall Grow a Row Seed Steward ( ( ) Google Form) - We turn on
notifications so when people fill it in, we can respond promptly - I
just went to get the link and someone else had signed up! Yeah!

Reminder, we are offering two more Seed Saving in a Time of Crisis
Class. NOTE: Times are for the West Coast of the USA

Seed Saving in a Time of Crisis

Thursday, Aug. 6 4-6 PM PST
​ Register
) or Monday, Sept. 14  6-8 PM PST Register (

Peas and justice,

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