Got Seed? #SeedSaving Brochure #SeedSaving #education

I have been meaning for several years to write a brochure that included hand-pollination for cucurbits. I finally did one! It has 2 brochures on 1 letter-sized paper. We are hoping to put a bunch of shoeboxes up by the Richmond Grows Little Free Seed Libraries with the brochures as well as distribute through the local school e-blasts (we might make that fancier) and to some of the food distribution sites. I will send photos when that is up and running.

I was having technical issues so it's a page 1 and a page 2. Feel free to take it and use it and tweak it to meet your needs.  If you use it and make changes, please share back with the group so folks can crowdsource a better brochure.

Peas and justice,


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