Re: Collection Development? #GettingSeeds #SeedQuality #IncreasingReturns


Hello Justine,

To assist Common Soil with collection development when particular loved varieties are getting low I have reached out to local farmers and given them a larger amount of seed. For example, given like 150 lettuce seeds and asked them to let 30 go to seed and suggest they sell the rest to compensate for their time. Some had never saved seed before and it was an education process that helped these farmers develop their skill set while expanding the seed library community and maintaining a locally grown seed stock. 

Another option is to engage community in a friendly competition. Common Soil was donated 25 Nebraska record giant watermelon seeds and I was asked to expand them for distribution in the collection. My husband was getting his Masters at UNL and was in the Horticulture Society, so he proposed it as a Watermelon Growing Competition among all the graduate students, but also made sure everyone knew they were supporting the seed library by saving seeds. The university was super excited to support this effort and donated the space, which was isolated except for corn and beans. At the end of the season the watermelons were weighed, and the winner got an award. All of campus was invited to enjoy the melon and spit out the seeds into a bucket. We must have procured a few thousand seeds through this process and it was a very memorable community event.

Sending y'all big hugs, 

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