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What a great idea! Thanks for sharing J


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i work at a public library with a seed library. our seeds are cataloged and requestable at curbside. last week we did something that was fun and a big success: seed bundles for fall. I put together bundles of five packets you can plant now or in a month or so, with popular veg and herbs. each had a legume, a carrot, an herb, a leafy green, plus one extra. we even made a couple container bundles, w three packets of dwarf varieties. we were out in a few hours and our facebook exploded. we are busily making more and plan to do this in the spring, too. salsa bundles, beverage bundles, windowsill herb bundles...
a lot of beginning gardeners are overwhelmed by the variety in an heirloom seed library, but telling them "your seed librarian picked these out for you," made them think they could do it.

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