Re: Collection Development? #GettingSeeds #SeedQuality #IncreasingReturns


Bonifacio! Where in Spain are you? Rebecca, thank you for bringing us all together (and continuing to be a force for seediness in the world). I love that you are exploring a Seed Library for dye plants. I have a friend in Colorado who is a fiber artist and a gardener, her garden efforts have turned primarily toward dye producing plants. She also turned me onto something called the fibershed movement, are you famliar?
I started poking around the document you shared, thank you! And now I'm eager to get my paws on the book they cite, Community Seed Banks – Origins, Evolution and Prospects. It's downlaodable, which is lovely.

There's a book (or report) on seed libraries that I think many of us were interviewed for, I'll be curious to see where the author took her research. I know she was particularly interested in "what's next," and protocols. Rebecca or Betsy, do you recall the woman's name who's doing the research?

Thanks again for your thoughts, Bonifacio and Feliz Año Nuevo, to all!


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