Re: Collection Development? #GettingSeeds #SeedQuality #IncreasingReturns


Hola Rebecca!

Yes, I'm convinced that including more community members in the process is key. I'm currently part of a community advisory group for our Community Food Bank's Farmers' Market. The market had the wisdom to create a space for community stakeholders to come together over the next 9 months (monthly, facilitated meetings) to envision how the farmers' market can be reflective of and responsive to the dynamic and culturally diverse community it serves. I can imagine the Seed Library engaging cross-sections of the community in this way (perhaps over a much shorter period of a meeting or two) to get at what's important to them.

I may have to pick your brain more about grow-outs. We've never been successful at making that "ask" but I know you've had some success. And definitely working with school gardens! I think we need to revisit that. The challenges we've encountered is that there is very little stability with instructors--lots of turnover. But if we prioritized that, we could make better efforts to support that in the schools.

Thanks mucho for your thoughts!



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