Re: Collection Development? #GettingSeeds #SeedQuality #IncreasingReturns


Thanks so much, Betsy! I love the "gamification" approach to seed saving! Most everyone digs a little healthy competition. :) 

I definitely think we'll need to explore partnering with growers for grow-outs in the coming year.

Part of my question has to do with how do you go about selecting which seeds will be a part of your community's seed collection. Rebecca's initial comment hit the nail on the head in terms working with community members and partners to assist with the work of creating a local community-fed seed shed. 

How many seed varieties do you each have in your collections? Would you say your collections are more a reflection of just whatever seeds come your way via your various sources are you more strategic about what seeds are in your collections? I know Benifacio mentioned that they were working on a Seed Library of dye-plants specifically. Anyone else have "criteria" they're using (besides OP)? Thanks!


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