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I have had books I cared about rebound. If you cannot find a small artisan shop near you to rebind it, most universities have one for their thesis and dissertations -- you can ask their graduate school about thesis binding services. Also, reference librarians are a wonderful resource for finding, care of, and conservation of books.

Hope that helps.

EBo --

On Jun 24 2021 6:38 PM, Rebecca Newburn wrote:
Hi Rocky,

The second book you mentioned Was written by a seed library in San Miguel
Allende, Mexico. It’s a beautiful book. The binding wasn’t very good and
might not last long in a public library, but I did let the folks at Hudson
valley seed company know about the poor binding. I hope that now it’s
bound better.


El El jue, jun. 24, 2021 a la(s) 8:20 p. m.Jenny "Rocky" <> escribió:

Hi up beet seed librarian friends -

I'm writing to see if anyone has recommendations for seed-saving books in
Spanish. There's a 26 page PDF at, at this link
but it doesn't get into much detail about seed saving. I found an 89 page
PDF of Guía para Semilleros y Semilleras, here
.... but I would love to have an actual book in our library collection at
Oakland Public Library. I found this beautiful one (see link below), but if
any of you know of others, kindly send them along.

Semillas Para Todos - Spanish Seed Saving Manual


Semillas Para Todos - Spanish Seed Saving Manual

This book is an illustrated manual in Spanish, full of information about
the production and conservation of seed...


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