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Elizabeth Johnson

Hi Rebecca,

Here is a seed swap essay if you want to use it.  Let me know if you want the docx.  Scroll down for images I used for the Summit presentation.  If you use, I’ll send higher rez.

Cheers, Elizabeth

2019 Seed Exchange

& 2019 Santa Barbara Seed Swap

On Jul 7, 2021, at 6:38 PM, Rebecca Newburn <rebeccanewburn@...> wrote:

Dear Seedbrarians,

We're going to put out a Cool Beans! Seed Library Newsletter mid-July. I was thinking about picking one of the topics covered in the Seed Library Summit to feature those resources as well as get input from others about their practices and advice.

July's topic is seed swaps.
You can reply to the group and I'll pull in those comments to be included in Cool Beans! If anyone wants to write a larger piece about seed swaps, that would also be great.

Here are just a few things you can respond to:
- How do you promote your seed swap?
- What type of venue do you host your swap in?
- How has COVID changed your exchange? Any recommendations?
- Would you continue with those changes after COVID restrictions are lifted? Why or why not?
- How do you organize your seed swap?
- How do you increase locally saved seeds through your seed swap?
- Do you partner with other organizations when doing the seed swap? If so, what type of organizations?
- Do you have any other programming (ex. lectures, hands-on, literature) associated with the seed swap?
- Feel free to add 1-2 select photos. ( has a limited storage capacity)
Include the name of your seed library/group, location (town, state/province, country).

Please submit by Wednesday, July 13th. 

Peas and justice,


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