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Lauren Muscatine

Hi Mike,

Wow, thanks for all the info and the link to your presentation! I have a Google address and drive account for the seed library with many of the same types of files in it. I have not found anything other than this platform to build upon. I share the pertinent files with each seed librarian (there are now three of us). I am getting from you and Rebecca that the seed library component, even while housed inside the public library, is independent from library management. That probably works well on both sides of the collaboration. I do have some dedicated volunteers beyond the seed librarians who oversee the cabinets. Thank you for sharing the date of your seed swap; I've been looking into that kind of event, but haven't convened one yet. Maybe in 2022. Thanks for your presentation and contact email! I'll be in touch with any more questions... but this is a thorough start. I love how everyone's story is unique, the operation fits the need, and the mission is simple and driven!


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