Re: Uncertain donations #GettingSeeds #IncreasingReturns

Susie Jenkins

The first thing that comes to my mind is to use the mystery seeds in a seed swap "as is" (you could give them a funny category name like "Seeds of Adventure", or something).   Pre-covid we have always had our "Seedy Saturday" the last weekend in January. Of course that didn't happen last year, and may not happen this coming January either depending on what the group gatherings protocol is by then.

I have been trying to think of alternative formats to host seed exchanges, but haven't come up with any ideas yet.  If we had the space it might be nice to have a longer version -- maybe a week or two instead of all in one afternoon, that way people could participate without bunching up.  It might be more difficult to keep the area clean and organized though.  At our regular seed swaps I always have volunteers and master gardeners in attendance to keep it fun, informative, and organized. 

I agree with you that it always seems like such a shame to "weed" our seed selection.  This fall I had just a few carrot seeds that have been here since 2017 and, rather than tossing them in the trash, I planted them in a large pot on my patio. I didn't expect much to happen, but the pot is now full of carrots... go figure!


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