Re: Uncertain donations #GettingSeeds #IncreasingReturns


I missed the original post, so I do not know if the uncertain seeds are unknown species, known species of unknown origin, or simply out of date. Speaking for myself, we have a seed basket at the house which, last I looked, has seeds in it some older than 10 years. Sometimes we plant the really old seed just to use it up. This year we came across some old carrot seeds, and they were planted in a spot in the winter garden to see if they would come up, and low and behold most of them did. If there were seeds in date and of known species, but of unknown origin, I would probably trust them if you generally trust the people you get seeds from. If the seeds are of unknown species I would throw them out. Who knows, someone might have given you a packet of pretty flowers and in it is wisteria! I do not know about you, but some pretty plants are not worth having around if you know what I mean, and if you do now picture a 100' tree being pulled down by wisteria vines that are as thick as your fist. I have them on a derelict farm I purchased a few years back, and yes they really are that big and killing trees.

On Nov 21 2021 2:47 PM, Sara McCamant wrote:
I would save all the packets that are 2018 and on. I would either dump the
rest or create an area that is a no guarantee, old seed space and people
can choose to take them if they want.
Random seed with out dates we toss.

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