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Hannah Van Eendenburg

2 Different Seed Library Models?
Hello! My name is Hannah, and I am working with the community of Salida, CO for our new seed library, the S.A.V.E. (Seeds Adapted to Variable Ecosystems) Seed Library. I am curious about the difference between two different models of a seed library...

1. The first model I see is a seed library that takes in seed from seed companies; whether donated from community members or brought in through requests. The library stays packed full of seed for people to take and grow for food, with the potential to provide back. (Maybe more of a focus of #foodaccess)
2. The second model I see is a seed library that only obtains 'first generation seeds'; that is, what I describe as seed that has been saved in the area for at least one growing cycle. Thus, the seed library contains truly adapted seed, something that is especially necessary in the harsh microclimates in Colorado! With this model, giving out the free seed from regional seed companies is necessary to provide the material to save that first seed. (maybe more of a focus on #seedsaving #regionallyadapted and #nativeseeds)

Any thoughts on this? I am interested in providing free seed to the community, but also having a seed library that provides only truly adapted seed to the area....

h.vaneendenburg [at] gmail.com

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