Keeping Seeds in the Hands of People #FoodAccess #COVID-19 #ResilientGardens

Dear SeedFolks,

I hope you are well. The last few weeks have been a shock on many people's lives and the larger systems that folks have relied on. Many people have more time on their hands and are interested in growing food. It would be great to come together as a community to ensure that folks have access to seeds and the knowledge of how to grow healthy food for themselves and their families.

I have created a document for us to collectively build and share resources to help people continue to share seeds even as seed libraries and our public libraries are shuttered. We need to do this thoughtfully and be informed by science to build best practices to meet this moment.  Some people are reviving the idea of victory gardens, and my invitation is that we create a larger vision. Home gardens can also support us with increasing food security, community connections, and biodiversity and are also an essential piece of climate adaptation and resilience. 

Here is the shared document, Resilient Victory Gardens. This will be an experiment in sharing a document with editing privileges for such a large community. You can also comment, if you prefer that. The idea is to source from all of us the best practices. There are several protocols and signs that would be great to create to ensure that we can provide seeds to people and ensure we do it to maintain the health of all.

Besides doing seed library work and working full-time as a middle school science teacher (major redirect in 2 weeks ago as we moved learning online), I also am a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Trainer and the CERT Neighborhood Team Leader for a community of 6000 households. I need a group of seed librarians to step up to maintain this Resilient Victory Gardens document and make sure things are well formatted and vetted. We also need some leaders to step into guiding that process for the group to make sure that we had a good safe sharing protocol that will be posted at all seed sharing locations. I feel like I can best be of service by offering inspiration and structure (such as making the document). However, finding gardening resources, etc. needs to be done by the community. I hope you are inspired to step up and share things that you have found valuable. If you are able to step into an organizing / leadership role here please let the group know. 

Stay safe and take good care of yourselves. Speaking of which, I am teaching several cohorts of.a program that I developed with some other CERTs called Ready Together! Organize your Block for Disaster Preparedness. The link is one of the emails that cohort members were given that they could share. It contains a lot of resources that I developed that you and your neighborhood might find valuable. Feel free to share with others. 

Once again, your help and brilliance in meeting this moment is so deeply needed and appreciated. Please help add resources to the document. Let the group know if you are willing to step into a leadership role. Everyone has their part to play. :)


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