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I sustainably own/operate Grateful Gardens, a vegan/organic urban micro farm in Omaha, Nebraska. My focus is producing adaptive drought-tolerant crop seed (sell/barter/swap/gift), Market transplants/produce and land/seed stewardship. I source and produce all of my compost and fermented ‘dynamic accumulator’ soil amendments on-site as well as ‘dry-farm’ my crops to conserve water and to create a more drought-tolerance disease resistant seed stock. My goals are all geared to a sustainable ‘closed-loop’ operation that help reduce my ‘carbon footprint’, supporting local agriculture and educating the next generation on the importance of seed saving and farming. I produce all of the seed that I sell and grow. All seed is vegan/organic heirloom/O-P (except some intentionally-crossed peppers) and zero pesticides/herbicides. I practice TRUE ORGANIC techniques, NOT THE USDA’s CERTIFIED PSUEDO ORGANIC PROGRAM. “BAYER/MONSANTO/SYGENTA/DOW/DUPONT/BASF...SUCK!!!” GREED IS PATHETIC...