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PLEASE READ THIS: Seeds are a commons. Seed libraries are a means of keeping seeds in the hands of the people. The saving of local seeds helps us to maintain and celebrate food, place, and culture. The purpose of this group is to share best practices around seed libraries and seed saving. It is also a forum to discuss challenges and solutions to creating and maintaining local seed stock in a time of climate crisis. HOW TO USE: 1. You are required to use hashtags when you post. This will make it easier to have a conversation when there are lots of users. 2.  In settings, you can set your email preferences to receive digests to minimize the number of emails.  Another option is that you can mute or follow hashtags. This will make the use of this group platform more helpful to you. 3.  Post topics that are relevant to seed libraries and exchanges. Do not ask general gardening questions. Please find a local gardening group or in the United States, contact your local master gardeners.  Asking questions about seed saving is appropriate. 4.  You may create subgroups that meet a specific need or serve a particular region. This will allow you to have side conversations with those people. 5.  We have very limited storage capacity. Do not post lots of photos. The maximum size is limited. If we hit our capacity limit, older posts will automatically be deleted. 6.  You may post calendar events. If the calendar becomes too crowded then we may decide to limit posts to longer classes, such as day-long events. 7. We are committed to inclusion and creating a compassionate world. Please be thoughtful in writing your posts. We also reserve our right to suspend you from our network in case we find you are in violation of our guidelines (after communicating and doing our best to settle the issue with you first). 8.  This is a dynamic platform and we are figuring it out as we go. If there is a hashtag, that you think we should add or you have other suggestions on how to make this online platform more valuable, email us at 9.  Check out the Wiki for extra tips on how to get the most out of this forum.
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