My library online catalog in Librarika #Database


Hi all,

I've discovered there are sites that offer free ISL (Integrated Library System), with an opac to manage your library, for free. As I don't have a hosting account, I think it can be a great solution to manage seeds. These are the ones I've spotted, maybe you know them:

the free version is only for personal libraries, not intended to be shared, so I didn't try. It's part of Librarything, so for example, if you had a list of your books already in LibraryThing, it's easy to transform it into TinyCat. (As they say, I didn't try :P)

I opened an account and started adding items, but it's strange... I think the free version, at least, is just for personal use... I think it's quite simple and not intuitive.

And I finally chose Librarika, the free version is for only 2000 items, but I think I won't reach that number. The fields you manage are the usual for books, there are titles, publishers, and so on, so I had to make a strange change of use, and where it says publisher I consider it is the Library, so this catalog can be converted in a caalogue of many small libraries around the globe. Like having a library in several venues, one catalogue, many buildings. Author is for latin name of species, so as you click on it you can see if there are several accesions of this seeds, from different years, of locations, adapted to a similar weather...
A file more or less finished:
when you log in, there is a button with which you can request this seeds, I'll have a message from the system, and then I'll send the seeds by mail, and send a message to the user.

Of course, it must be a complement for another web in which I explain what the library is, how it works, some files about the plants, growing, watering, what colours you can get... and then, a catalogue to search for plants.

So, now I need some advise from you, do you think that people will be able to handle this, or it is more a problem than a solution to reach people and let them participate?


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