Planting Times Guide #FoodAccess #education

Rebecca Newburn

There are a lot of new gardeners this year. Come through local resources, such as Master Gardeners' website, to find or create a local planting times guide. We made one for the San Francisco Bay Area. I decided to do it as a spreadsheet so that it could be sorted by English or Spanish or month. I started with a few guides, but then I asked.a friend who was a propagator for a local nursery for a couple of decades to look at it and she did some major revisions. Here's what our Planting Times Guide looks like. We post this on Nextdoor and on social media periodically so folks know what to grow now and maybe give them a video tip such as July is a great time to plant zucchini and then give them a video to watch on growing zucs vertically.

Also, I would encourage you to reach out to your local Master Gardeners and encourage them to offer some online classes for Absolute Beginner Gardeners. Here is the class we created and we are working with them now to see if we can get it approved as a MG class. Note, we don't have rights to the photos, but the content is open source. We've offered it 5 times and each time completely filled. For 100 slots, we provide 200 to 210 slots assuming that half won't show. I will also be sending the above request for Grow a Row Seed Steward to those people and get some beginner gardeners started on their seed journey! Yay!

Peas and justice,