Saving Squash and Zucchini Seeds #SeedSaving

This video will teach you your cucurbit family (winter squash, zucchini, melons, & cucumbers) to save the seeds from. For winter squash, you do this and when the squash is ready to eat, the seeds would also be ready to harvest. For zucchini, yellow summer squash, & cucumbers these need to go way past the eating stage. The summer squash needs to basically become "winter" squash with a hard rind and often a color change in the skin. The cucs will be big and yellow. Keep them on the plant as long as possible to ensure the seeds develop fully. Just because the zucchini is big and has big seeds does not mean the seeds will be viable. The zucchini needs to harden and change color. Here is one in my garden and I'm going to keep it on the plant until the plant dies, if possible. That way I'll be assured of getting viable seeds.