Seed Library Summit - Sat. April 17th #Calendar #classes

Dear Seedbrarians,

We hope you can join us for the 10th Annual Seed Library Summit (our first virtual one) on Saturday, April 17th. This is a free, online conference that is geared towards seed librarians, people who want to open a seed library, and folks involved in community seed work. Register at The schedule will be emailed to registrants in a couple of weeks. Sessions will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. We are asking hosts to record sessions and hope to make them available for a couple of weeks after the event. 

We have a wide range of presentations and panel discussions:


  • Seed Swaps in a Time of Pandemic
  • Seed Gardens
  • Start a Seed Library in a School
  • Seed Patents & Seed Libraries
  • Seed Stories
  • Seed Saving Basics & How to Communicate that to your Community
  • Climate Adaptation & Seed Libraries
  • How to Start a Seed Library
  • One Seed One Community
  • Seed Libraries Respond in a Time fo Crisis: COVID & Beyond

Peas and justice,
Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library