Chat Support Volunteers needed for Sat. April 17th Seed Summit #Calendar #volunteer

Dear Seedfolks,

We are excited that our 10th Annual Seed Summit is coming up on Saturday, April 17th. If you haven't registered yet, please do so. The summit is from 8:15 AM - 2 PM Pacific time. Please make sure you check the time zone for your area. The conference is free and is intended to support folks open seed libraries to address challenges during COVID to create community seed gardens among other topics. We'll be releasing the schedule in about 2 weeks. However, we do need volunteers who are willing to attend specific talks and help with Zoom chat support. This would include:
- showing up 15 minutes early to the talk to make sure that the presenter is able to share their screen
- making sure the presenter adds you as a co-host; be able to explain to the presenter how to do this if they are less familiar with Zoom
- makes sure that the presenter is recording
- mute participants if someone unmutes themselves
- make note of questions in the chat to bring to the presenter's attention during Q&A
- record the number of participants in the session
- be willing to stay 5 minutes after the session

If you are available to volunteer to be chat support during a session at the Seed Library Summit, please fill in this form by Thursday, March 18th. We'll contact you to let you know what session you'll be with as well as connect you with the presenter(s) and other chat support. We want to have two chat support folks per session.

Peas and justice,