Sarah Cowan


My name is Sarah Cowan, and I am a senior at McDaniel College in central Maryland. Currently, I am working on a senior capstone project for which I am examining the impacts of COVID-19 on our food systems – specifically, our domestic seed supply and distribution. 


In order to obtain data for this project I have chosen to interview national seed libraries and businesses. With that being said, I am hoping to conduct interviews over the next week. Interviews may take place over the phone or Zoom (~30 minutes), or you can opt into an email survey containing the same interview questions, if that is more convenient for you at this time. All interviews will be conducted confidentially. 


If you’re willing to participate in my research, please take a minute to fill out the form I have attached here (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSehZA-h14GdN5RfUHoaaWduh4QLdbyA5z38bW5jJJzNOC4caA/viewform). This will help me to schedule these interviews around your schedule and my school obligations. Once I receive your submission, I will reach out to confirm your scheduled interview. 


Please feel free to share my information and my survey with other seed libraries or seed businesses you think would be able and willing to participate in my research. I appreciate your time and please feel free to reach out for any further discussion via email at skc004@....


I look forward to talking more in the future,