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Dear Seedfolks,

I hope this email finds you well.  I think a big part of helping our community get through this pandemic is going to be access to healthy food. Many people have lost their jobs or are underemployed. Additionally, going to the grocery store has risks associated with it. Besides doing seed work, I am a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Trainer. Here are some highlights from the Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library's newsletter that we put out last night and a link to it:
Seed library newsletter: Last night we sent out an issue of Lettuce Unite!, the Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library's newsletter. You're welcome to subscribe even though much of the content will be site specific.
Growing seed for the community: One thing we discussed in the newsletter was the Grow a Row Seed Steward Program where community members commit to growing a row of some crop all the way to seed for the community. We have no idea how accessible seeds or money to purchase seeds will be next year, but the need to grow food and the need for seeds will still be high.  Also, we posted a Planting TImes guide. Having a planting times guide available to your community is a super helpful resource. 
Garden mentors: In disaster preparedness, we often talk about different teams that will help our community respond: communications, medical, damage assessment, & search and rescue. In the current crisis, having people support each other with growing food is going to be essential. We are encouraging people to organize your block to identify who are your experienced gardeners and asking them if they would be willing to answer questions and perhaps even do virtual consultations for newer gardeners. 
Class: We're offering the seed saving class again. I just created this session and we had 50 people sign up in the first 24 hours. I'll probably add another class in the next couple of days to help accommodate the need. 
Seed Saving in. a Time of Crisis - a How to Class
Tuesday, July 14 3:30-5:30 PM
Free, online
Do you rely on getting seeds or starts from a nursery? This year there was a rush on seeds and many people struggled to get seeds. Create a more resilient garden by making seed saving part of your practice. How can we save seeds to be more resilient in crisis from pandemics to climate change?
You will receive login information a few days before the class as well as a few minutes before the class. 
Peas and justice,