Moderators needed for Up Beet! Forum #volunteer

Hi Seed Folks,
I think it would be very wise to have some more moderators for Up Beet! in addition to myself.  Besides being really busy with work (I'm a middle school science teacher) and I didn't realize there were a couple of emails pending approval. Additionally, I was exposed to COVID and that made me concerned that if I fell ill new messages would not be approved. Fortunately, the results came back negative, but we need several more moderators. It probably would take less than 10 minutes a month.

Only new people that post get moderated, then they can post without approval after that. It doesn't take a lot of time once I set you up as a moderator. Basically, you set up your notification to receive a message when there is a new comment to moderate, then you just hit "reply" and that approves the message and sends it out or you can delete it or make a private comment to the writer if it's a message that would be better sent as a private message to one person instead of the group. I usually only have a handful of new posts a month. Like I said, less than 10 minutes a month of time, but it is critical to create redundancy and having other moderators will create a more resilient system.
Let me know if you can help out.
Peas and justice,


I would be happy to help with this. 
Thanks, Rebecca.


Always Happy to help.
Also, did you find moderators for the monthly meeting? We were going to change it up in July. I can help on that front too if we still want to do monthly gatherings.