Resources on & Borrowers' Video during Pandemic #COVID-19

Rebecca Newburn

Hi SeedFolks,

Thanks for everyone sharing what they are doing and the challenges and successes they are having during the pandemic. I've started to put resources together at on a COVID-19 page. I made a video tonight about how to borrow seeds from the Richmond Grows Little Seed Library. I've linked it on the COVID-19 page too. 

We've opened 3 libraries: community market, bike shop, and & Little Free Library.  A fourth one gets opened tomorrow - literally a cardboard box with some reinforcement on a chain linked fence outside of The Latina Center. (They had said we could use their Little Free Library then a friend told me it was inside a locked parking lot. Improvise!)

Here's the one outside my house:


Penne Wilson

This is fantastic!

Kay Everts

I love it!