Seed Saving in a Time of Crisis - a How To Class #Calendar #volunteer

Rebecca Newburn

We're offering another Seed Saving in a Time of Crisis - a How to Class on Thursday, August 4th 4-6 PM PST. This will be instead of the regular First Thursday Seed Chat. The class is free and donations are greatly appreciated. Donations go to paying for the Up Beet forum, our domain, and Cool Beans! Constant Contact account. Feel free to promote the class in your community. Flyer attached. 

Volunteers needed to help with Zoom! It is very hard to teach and handle any tech issues and monitor the chat. If you are able to help with the back-end of Zoom (ex. muting participants, keeping track of questions that aren't answered in the presentation, etc.) please let me know. It's a 2.5-hour commitment on August 4th, 3:45-6:15 PM PST.

Peas and justice,

Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library