Signage for Seed Libraries #education

Dear Seedbrarians,

I hope this email finds you well. For some time, I have wanted to put up a list of what to plant now that informs borrowers of what is most appropriate to plant now. We do have posted the San Francisco Bay Area yearlong planting guide that was developed by BASIL, the first seed library, well over 15 years ago. However, I wanted to have a table and also have it translated into Spanish. A little while ago, we developed a spreadsheet with planting times for the SF Bay Area. This helped us a lot during the initial part of the pandemic as we were only making seeds that could be planted at that time available. 

Today I decided to dedicate some time to creating some signage that we could post every 2 months with the list. It's nothing fancy and maybe I'll have someone go back and do some work to make them more attractive. The other thing that I did was I created a repeating calendar event (every 2 months) that had all of the handouts linked in it. That way we'll remember to switch the signs and not have to hunt for them. I shared the invite with the other dozen seed libraries in our county so if other folks want an easy way to inform borrowers, the work is done for them. Here's a sample for June - Sept.

Another option is to do a sheet with the entire year, such as the wheel above. Here is a planting handout that BASIL now uses.

I would love to hear what other folks are doing.  Please share files or images. Thanks!

Peas and justice,

Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library
Richmond, California


also, this is not editable/filterable but I do like how the sacramento master gardeners differentiate between optimal times for direct sowing vs sowing indoors vs transplanting:


Hey Rebecca! I really like this and think it is a great resource! One thing I would note is that in my experience, many spanish speakers in CA use "betabel" for "beet", not "remolancha".