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How do you have a productive conversation with several hundred people? We're about to find out! 


Tip #1:  Limit the emails you receive.

Go to "Default sub settings"  and choose one of the following

  • Full Featured Digest - shows images and bundles 12 conversations together
  • Plain Digest - not text rich and bundles 12 conversations
  • Daily digest - gives a summary of the previous day's post
  • Special Notices -  messages from the moderator only; this will remind you periodically that this resource exists and will inform you important new resources


Tip #2: Use hashtags to improve the usefulness of the forum.

All posts must use hashtags. You may follow hashtags that are of interest or mute hashtags that you don't want to receive emails about. 


Follow a hashtag: In the sidebar, click on "Hashtag" and "mute" topics you don't want to receive posts about.

Mute a hashtag: 

Note: We have selected a number of hashtags that we think would be commonly used. However, if we missed something, email us at


Tip #3: Have a side conversation!

If there is a topic that is relevant to a group of people, such as Michigan Seed Libraries or School Seed Libraries, then create a subgroup. You can invite other members to join the group.

Click on the "Subgroups" tab on the left sidebar to create a subgroup.  


Tip #4: Keep it seedy!

Post topics that are relevant to seed libraries and exchanges. Do not ask general gardening questions. Please find a local gardening group or in the United States, contact your local master gardeners.  Asking questions about seed saving is appropriate.